❄️Wax Snow

Snow Wax Melts



Introducing our Scented Snow Wax, a revolutionary alternative to traditional candles and wax melts. Experience long-lasting, captivating fragrances that effortlessly infuse your home with delightful scents.


Say goodbye to messy black marks and hello to simplicity. Our Scented Snow Wax is a breeze to use. Just add 1-3 scoops (depending on your burner's size) and let the enchantment unfold. Each scoop can last between 2-6 hours depending on the scent, size of the burner used, room size and environment with approx 30 scoops to a pouch. If you find the scent wears off too quickly, we suggest using 3 scoops and a taller burner as smaller burners will burn hotter resulting in the scent being used quicker.