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Pumpkin Lovers Melt Selection Box from The Northumberland Candle Company 




This is the ultimate collection for any pumpkin lover, featuring 21 pumpkin themed melts, including :


8 x Large Pumpkins in Pumpkin spice Scent, Top notes of Nutmeg - Orange - Lemon - Fruity. Heart notes of Ginger - Clove and base notes of Caramel - Tonka - Vanilla


3 x XL Pumpkins in Sweet Pumpkin Pie Scent, Delicious creamy pumpkin and ripe autumnal fruits blend with spicy cinnamon sticks and a hint of clove, Sweet vanilla sugar and chestnut with buttery pastry notes give a comforting warmth.


5 x Mini Pumpkins in Winter Pumpkin Scent, A sweet blend of pumpkin, apples, berries, sugar, vanilla and warm cinnamon.


5 x Mini Pumpkins in Spiced Pumpkin Latte Scent, A delicious elixir with pumpkin, spice and creamy coffee.