Item number: 170


This box contains 24 wax melts, each one featuring a scent inspired by your favorite cleaning product scents . Enjoy the scent of five different fresh and clean fragrances for a perfect post-cleaning atmosphere.




4 x Flashy Wild Berries - Clear the clutter, clear the mind! This scent is fruity, juicy and sweet all at the same time. Blended with green accords sat on a base of lemon essential oils for that odour elimination. 


5 x Flashy Bicarb - An intensely fresh accord with a sprinkling of bicarb for a squeaky clean scent.


6 x Flashy Bathroom - Aromatic and fresh, the fragrance blends green fruity notes of lime zest with sweet pine needle at the top and warming lavender at its heart. Elemi heightens the citrus pine appeal as the scent sinks into a balsamic bed of sweet cedarwood and fresh thyme.


5 x Flashy French Soap - A nostalgic and original cleaning scent that has Marseille soap vibes! 


4 x Flashy Frosted Berry - A fruity but fresh accord with notes of frosted wild berries fused with green accords and topped with invigorating lemon zest for that freshly cleaned vibe we all know and love!